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Our bodies are a reflection of our life experiences- from playing sports, raising a family, or undergoing medical procedures. While our bodies can endure a lot, we understand that wellness is essential to taking care of your body no matter what life throws at you. 

At Skilled Touch Health & Healing, we offer professional therapies in a tranquil, serene setting in order to address the aches and pains that accompany a full life for clients across the Greater Omaha Area.

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Our staff consists of six certified massage therapists, a licensed acupuncturist that is certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and four therapists trained in lymphatic enhancement therapy. Among these basic credentials, we’ve achieved a thing or two during our tenure:

We Have Your BacK.

We truly can offer a service for any need or health issue. Additionally, we provide our patrons an avenue to try something new to improve their overall health, that are not commonly available that most Gretna or Omaha holistic health centers.  

Here at Skilled Touch Health & Healing, the center of our practice is health promotion by educating the public in ways to take responsibility for their health. We are unique to the Midwest in the services we offer, not only Therapeutic Massage, but other alternative health options that include:

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Our focus is realizing massage therapy & bodywork has a direct effect on the successful functioning of all body systems. At Skilled Touch, you have the opportunity to experience specialized therapies seldom offered elsewhere!

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Skilled Touch offers a Sunlighten Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna, making use of all three available wavelengths – near, mid, and far. Each wavelength offers different benefits.

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Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese Medicine?

TCM is an ancient medicine that is thousands of years old and includes many different methods of treatment. One of the most well knows of these is acupuncture.

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Information About COVID-19

Given the current issues around COVID-19 we are taking every necessary precaution, in compliance with CDC guidelines, to protect our customers, employees, and our community. 

We are doing everything possible to make sure your health and safety & our employees health and safety is being protected.