What is Chinese Medicine?


TCM is an ancient medicine that is thousands of years old and includes many different methods of treatment. One of the most well knows of these is acupuncture.

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Wellness.

TCM is an ancient medicine that is thousands of years old and includes many different methods of alternative therapies that work collaboratively. One of the most well known of these therapies is acupuncture. Other options included within the practice TCM include Herbal medicine, Guasha, TuiNa, electro-stimulation, moxibustion, heat therapy, and food therapy. A TCM practitioner may choose to use one or a combination of these therapies in a session, to support their journey to attain overall health and healing.

TCM is about more than just being illness free. It’s focus centers on taking care of the ONE and ONLY body that we have for this lifetime. Many people spend their days testing the body’s limits by overworking, missing precious hours of sleep, having a less than desirable diet, and many other stressors.

This slowly wears the body down. They begin to have small symptoms that may not disrupt the day-to-day flow, resulting in symptoms that are typically ignored. Over time these small symptoms build up into something bigger, which is when people are alerted to begin to take note! TCM (in conjunction with several other therapies offered at Skilled Touch) aims to care for the body by keeping it healthy and well nurtured. The goal is to create an environment conducive to optimal health.

Restoring Energy Balance.

Acupuncture is used to promote the proper flow of Qi (chee) within the body. Qi loosely translates as the body’s energy, moves through meridians (or channels) throughout the body. Chinese medicine is focused on how Qi is moving through the body. Improper movement leads to discomfort and dis-ease within the body. Acupuncture points found along the meridians are points at which Qi is more accessible.

Using thin needles (the size of a single hair shaft) inserted into the body at these points, assists in balancing the flow of Qi, bringing the body back to its homeostatic balance.

In a world of researched based, pharmacological supported health care, acupuncture may seem a bit of a mystery of why/how it works. Qi? Meridian flow? What we DO know is the World Health Organization has recognized acupuncture is a useful adjunct for over 50 medical conditions, including emotional challenges like STRESS! It is effective!

The National Institutes of Health supports acupuncture as a useful treatment for (specifically) addiction, migraines, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain tennis elbow, nausea from chemotherapy and more! It is effective – with no side effects!

With the rise of post-traumatic stress disorder, the military has found acupuncture to be an increasingly popular treatment option. It is effective – and RELAXING!

It is most refreshing to realize you have treatment options that don’t include side effects, scar tissue, or NEW symptoms to address from a recommended treatment! Consider acupuncture!

Benefits for People of ALL Ages.

TCM is not only beneficial for adults, but it is for all ages, including children down to newborns! All treatments can be altered to fit the needs of a child. Finding alternatives to needles can be done! Common conditions parents seek acupuncture for children are asthma, behavioral problems, cough, digestive troubles, and ear infections.

TCM has the ability to improve and build overall health with all people. It is useful for a full array of circumstances, from illness and injury to balancing stress levels and general wellness. Some of the areas TCM can be helpful for include but are not limited to: sleep disturbances, pain – both acute and chronic; digestive troubles; emotional difficulties like anxiety and depression; addiction; blood pressure abnormalities; colds and flu; allergies; among many others.


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