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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Skilled Touch offers a Sunlighten Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna, making use of all three available wavelengths – near, mid, and far. Each wavelength offers different benefits.

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Our Services What Can We Help You Find? Massage Therapy Do you find yourself continually pushing your body to the limit? If so, learn more

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Supportive Therapy

Supportive Therapy Restore and Promote Natural Healing Overview Contact Us About Us At Skilled Touch, we use various therapy techniques to improve your mental and

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About Us

About Us Learn More About Our Company Directions Call Learning Center Our bodies are a reflection of our life experiences- from playing sports, raising a

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SKILLED TOUCH HEALTH & HEALING Directions Call About Us At Skilled Touch, you have the opportunity to experience new roads to wellness through specialized therapies,

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